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Latest Formula 1 news

News - 31 October 2014

Kaltenborn 'beyond stage of frustration'

31 October - 02:35 - Planet-F1

Monisha Kaltenborn says it is inconceivable that teams should fail financially in a sport that has a turnover in excess of $1bn...

Kaltenborn urges financial overhaul

31 October - 02:10 - BBC Formula One

Sauber team principal Monisha Kaltenborn says F1 needs drastic changes to address the financial issues within the sport.

Kaltenborn hits out over costs

31 October - 01:49 - Sky Sports F1

Sauber team boss Monisha Kaltenborn has hit out at the collective failure of Formula 1 to ensure the survival of all its teams and called for a more even distribution of prize money after Marussia and Caterham both fell into administration.

Verstappen wants JEV to stay on

31 October - 01:39 - Planet-F1

Jean-Eric Vergne has been handed a vote of confidence from Max Verstappen who says he wants the Frenchman to stay on at Toro Rosso...

Ericsson committed to F1 future

31 October - 01:20 - Planet-F1

Marcus Ericsson is determined to remain in Formula 1 and says he "didn't see" the demise of Caterham coming...

Ericsson: I didn't see it coming

31 October - 12:21 - Sky Sports F1

Marcus Ericsson has admitted that he was caught unawares when Caterham went into administration last week.

Formula 1 gossip column

31 October - 09:30 - BBC Formula One

Jenson Button a "wanted individual" says manager, Grosjean can leave Lotus & more stories from around F1.

Mixed reaction to three-car teams

31 October - 08:37 - Planet-F1

Lewis Hamilton would support three-car teams especially if teams were obliged to give the extra car to a young driver...

Kimi: Ferrari return was right decision

31 October - 07:02 - Planet-F1

Despite struggling for form this season, Kimi Raikkonen is adamant he made the right choice in moving to Ferrari...

Grosjean has opt out clause

31 October - 05:52 - Planet-F1

Romain Grosjean has revealed there is a performance clause in his Lotus deal that would allow him to leave the team...

News - 30 October 2014

Hamilton critical of double points

30 October - 11:08 - BBC Formula One

Lewis Hamilton says it would "suck" if he lost the world title as a result of the controversial final-race double points rule.

F1 needs to address costs - FIA

30 October - 10:42 - BBC Formula One

Caterham and Marussia's financial problems highlight the need to cut costs in Formula 1, says governing body the FIA.

VIDEO: Three cars way forward - Ricciardo

30 October - 10:41 - BBC Formula One

Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo says he would like to see three-car teams in the future to make for a bigger grid.

Austin qualy changes confirmed

30 October - 09:29 - Sky Sports F1

The FIA have confirmed the revised qualifying format for this weekend's U.S. GP amid the absences of Caterham and Marussia.

Qualifying revised for Austin

30 October - 09:24 - Planet-F1

With only 18 cars contesting this weekend's US GP, the FIA have tweaked qualifying with just four dropping out in each of the first two sessions...

Alonso 'very ambitious plan' for 2015

30 October - 08:20 - Planet-F1

Fernando Alonso says he "more or less" knows where he will be next season but he still isn't giving any clues...

Vergne confident of 2015 seat

30 October - 08:12 - Sky Sports F1

An upbeat Jean-Eric Vergne says there is “good potential” for him to be on the 2015 F1 grid and that he could remain with Toro Rosso.

Thursday's FIA press conference

30 October - 07:37 - Planet-F1

Valtteri Bottas, Romain Grosjean, Esteban Gutierrez, Lewis Hamilton, Sergio Perez and Daniel Ricciardo faced the media in Austin...

Button against three-car teams

30 October - 07:31 - Sky Sports F1

Jenson Button is adamantly against three-car teams in Formula 1, even if they did help him remain on the grid next season.

Grid penalty for Button

30 October - 07:00 - Planet-F1

Jenson Button will start his US GP on the back foot as news broke that he has a gearbox change penalty...

Alonso has 'ambitious plan'

30 October - 06:32 - Sky Sports F1

Fernando Alonso has dropped further tantalising hints over his future by revealing he has a “very ambitious plan” for 2015 and beyond.

Lewis: Would suck to lose on double points

30 October - 06:07 - Planet-F1

Although Lewis Hamilton feels it would "suck" to lose the title because of the double points in Abu Dhabi, he concedes it's one of the rules...

FIA pushing to reduce costs

30 October - 05:47 - Planet-F1

It may be too little too late for Caterham and Marussia but the FIA concedes something needs to be done about the "economic balance" in F1...

Perez 'very close' to new deal

30 October - 05:37 - Sky Sports F1

Sergio Perez says he is very close to signing a new deal with Force India.

Lewis open to three-car teams

30 October - 05:36 - Sky Sports F1

Lewis Hamilton believes three-car teams could be good for Formula 1 if the extra car is used to give young drivers their breakthrough opportunity at the top level.

JEV urges STR to 'keep going together'

30 October - 05:14 - Planet-F1

Jean-Eric Vergne feels Toro Rosso should retain him for another season, adamant he's the best person for Max Verstappen to learn from...

FIA ready to support cost cap?

30 October - 05:04 - Sky Sports F1

The FIA, F1's governing body, has admitted that the demise of Caterham and Marussia 'acutely raises the question of the economic balance' in F1.

Grosjean admits opt-out clause

30 October - 04:51 - Sky Sports F1

Romain Grosjean has confirmed he can leave Lotus at the end of the season despite still being under contract with the Enstone team.

No early release for Vettel

30 October - 04:50 - Planet-F1

Don't expect to see Sebastian Vettel in a Ferrari later this year as Red Bull won't allow him to test for "any team" before his contract is over...

Sutil expects costs reaction

30 October - 04:44 - Sky Sports F1

Sauber’s Adrian Sutil has expressed surprise that it took so long for financial problems to overwhelm F1’s most cash-strapped teams and reckons the plight of Marussia and Caterham will belatedly trigger action on the sport’s cost crisis.

Ricciardo: Shame to lose small teams

30 October - 03:48 - Planet-F1

Daniel Ricciardo says it is a "shame" that two of F1's small teams are in financial trouble and could drop out of the sport...

Bianchi remains critical but stable

30 October - 03:18 - BBC Formula One

Jules Bianchi remains "critical but stable" in hospital, nearly four weeks after he crashed at the Japanese Grand Prix.

Merc keen to continue with current line-up

30 October - 03:02 - Planet-F1

Mercedes insist their "main priority" is to sign Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg to long-term contracts...

F1 to trial 'virtual safety car'

30 October - 02:59 - BBC Formula One

Formula 1 will trial a "virtual safety car" system following the accident that left Jules Bianchi in a critical condition.

Bianchi remains 'critical but stable'

30 October - 02:28 - Planet-F1

Jules Bianchi's family has thanked fans for their ongoing support, revealing that the driver remains in a "critical but stable" condition...

Jules still critical but stable

30 October - 02:19 - Sky Sports F1

An update issued by Jules Bianchi’s family says the driver remains in a “critical but stable” condition and that they have “no new information to give” following his accident at the Japanese Grand Prix.

Ocon impresses in Ferrari test

30 October - 01:36 - Planet-F1

Following on from his Lotus test, Esteban Ocon put in the laps in a Ferrari F10 as part of his prize for winning the European Formula 3 series...

Vettel 'very likely' to skip US qualy

30 October - 06:37 - Planet-F1

In a field already reduced to 18 cars, Sebastian Vettel has confirmed he is likely to "skip" qualifying for the United States GP...

Prost: F1 paying for negativity

30 October - 06:23 - Planet-F1

Alain Prost fears F1 is paying the price for a negative reaction to this year's new regulations...

News - 29 October 2014

Vettel to accept engine fate

29 October - 05:46 - Sky Sports F1

Sebastian Vettel says Red Bull are yet to decide whether he will sit out qualifying at this weekend’s U.S. GP but admits the prospect of using a sixth engine of 2014 in Austin is “very likely”.

Hamilton heads FIA press conf.

29 October - 04:46 - Sky Sports F1

Title leader Lewis Hamilton headlines the FIA's drivers' press conference on Thursday, ahead of the United States Grand Prix.

Trio slam 'stupid' double-points rule

29 October - 01:23 - Planet-F1

The 2014 World Championship could yet be decided by the double-points rule in Abu Dhabi, but three F1 legends believe it would devalue the sport.

Hulkenberg: My time will come

29 October - 12:08 - Planet-F1

Nico Hulkenberg recently secured his 2015 race seat with Force India, but he is confident he will eventually get a move to one of the big teams...

Hulkenberg: My time at top team will come

29 October - 12:08 - Planet-F1

Nico Hulkenberg recently secured his 2015 race seat with Force India, but he is confident he will eventually get a move to one of the big teams...

Lopez: Right time to switch to Merc

29 October - 10:26 - Planet-F1

Lotus team owner Gerard Lopez admits changing to Mercedes engines was too good an opportunity to turn down...

Fernandes: No room for small teams

29 October - 10:09 - Sky Sports F1

Tony Fernandes says there’ll never be room for small teams like Caterham in F1 unless there’s a reduction in spending throughout the grid.

'Unfortunate if Seb skips qualy'

29 October - 08:58 - Planet-F1

Sebastian Vettel looks set to miss Saturday's qualifying session at Austin, but US GP race officials are confident it won't affect ticket sales...

Austin official: 'Unfortunate' if Seb skips qualy

29 October - 08:58 - Planet-F1

Sebastian Vettel looks set to miss Saturday's qualifying session at Austin, but US GP race officials are confident it won't affect ticket sales...

Rosberg: I love this double-points rule

29 October - 08:06 - Planet-F1

Nico Rosberg insists the battle for the 2014 crown will go down to the wire in Abu Dhabi due to the new double-points rule...

Max ready for second FP1 outing

29 October - 07:19 - Planet-F1

Max Verstappen will get another chance to get more valuable F1 experience under his belt at this weekend's United States GP...

Ferrari:Know where we have to improve

29 October - 05:50 - Planet-F1

Ferrari will once again use this weekend's United States GP to test new parts for their 2015 car...

Ferrari: We know where we have to improve

29 October - 05:50 - Planet-F1

Ferrari will once again use this weekend's United States GP to test new parts for their 2015 car...

News - 28 October 2014

Texas to put smile back on F1's face

28 October - 04:07 - BBC Formula One

Cowboy hats, sunny skies and the return of Hamilton v Rosberg will be a welcome antidote to a sport operating under a cloud.

'Caterham unlikely to return'

28 October - 02:01 - Sky Sports F1

Sky Sports F1’s Ted Kravitz believes it is unlikely Caterham will race again in F1 – but is more hopeful that Marussia can return to the grid.

Andretti: F1 should loosen up a bit

28 October - 01:40 - Planet-F1

Former World Champion Mario Andretti has called on Formula 1 bosses to "explore every angle" to "enhance and increase the interest" in the sport...

Ericsson talking with three teams

28 October - 12:39 - Planet-F1

Marcus Ericsson's manager Eje Elgh has confirmed that they are in talks with three teams about a race seat for 2015...

F1 ready to power up in Austin

28 October - 12:19 - Sky Sports F1

Daniel Ricciardo has hailed this weekend’s United States GP as the most exciting of the year, as the sport prepares to put its off-track angst behind it following a turbulent month that has seen not one but two teams fall by the wayside.

'Force India nearly sidelined in Austin'

28 October - 10:43 - Planet-F1

Force India nearly went the same way as Caterham and Marussia, but the team settled its debt with Mercedes in time, according to a report...

Max warns more teams could 'drop off'

28 October - 08:32 - Planet-F1

Max Mosley has warned that more teams could go the way of Caterham and Marussia as Formula One is "not a fair competition any more"...

Kobayashi to 'evaluate possibilities'

28 October - 07:16 - Planet-F1

Kamui Kobayashi says he feels "very sorry for the fans" after Caterham confirmed they will skip the next two grands prix...

Merc hoping for 'unhindered fight'

28 October - 06:12 - Planet-F1

Mercedes have vowed to provide Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg with the "best possible platform for an unhindered fight" until Abu Dhabi.

News - 27 October 2014

F1 may lose more teams - Mosley

27 October - 04:05 - BBC Formula One

Marussia and Caterham "may not be the last" teams to suffer from the cost of Formula 1, says ex-FIA president Max Mosley.

'Serious' interest in Marussia

27 October - 03:24 - Sky Sports F1

British-Indian brothers Baljinder Sohi and Sonny Kaushal have emerged as 'serious' contenders to buy the beleaguered Marussia team.

Magnussen 'pretty happy' with debut

27 October - 12:09 - Planet-F1

Kevin Magnussen reckons he has done a "decent job" in his first season in F1 and would be "happy" to partner Fernando Alonso at McLaren...

Marussia F1 team in administration

27 October - 12:00 - BBC Formula One

Marussia have become the second F1 team to be placed in administration in less than a week, it is confirmed.

Audi deny F1 interest

27 October - 11:45 - Planet-F1

Audi insist rumours linking the company to F1 are "pure speculation" and are "without any foundation"...

Marussia into administration

27 October - 11:02 - Planet-F1

The future of the Marussia team is hanging in the balance after Manor Grand Prix Racing Limited entered administration...

Brit duo 'close' to Marussia buy-out

27 October - 10:31 - Planet-F1

Two Brits, Baljinder Sohi and Sonny Kaushal, are reportedly "very close" to purchasing Marussia, which has been put into administration...

Marussia enter administration

27 October - 10:26 - Sky Sports F1

Marussia have entered administration and will miss this weekend's United States Grand Prix, it was confirmed on Monday.

Bernie: No third cars just yet

27 October - 10:25 - Planet-F1

Despite only 18 cars set to line up in Austin, Bernie Ecclestone says the remaining teams do not have to field a third car "at this stage"...

Maldonado: Three races to break duck

27 October - 10:08 - Planet-F1

Although Lotus are working hard towards 2015, Pastor Maldonado insists the team has not given up on this season...

VIDEO: US GP preview: Tremendous Texas

27 October - 09:31 - BBC Formula One

BBC F1 commentator Ben Edwards previews this weekend's US Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas.

Fernley fears losing more teams

27 October - 04:31 - Planet-F1

Force India's Bob Fernley fears more teams could drop out of Formula 1 following the collapse of Caterham and Marussia...

News - 26 October 2014

Lotus to test 2015 nose in Austin

26 October - 11:27 - Planet-F1

Lotus will trial a non-forked nose during Friday's first practice for the US GP in preparation for next season...

'F1 is completely unsustainable'

26 October - 10:29 - Planet-F1

Former F1 driver Narain Karthikeyan believes the sport has become "completely unsustainable" for the smaller teams...

Vettel: Austin track the perfect mix

26 October - 08:57 - Planet-F1

Sebastian Vettel has billed the Circuit of the Americas as the perfect combination of other track's famous corners...

Marussia & Caterham 'to miss' US GP

26 October - 08:15 - BBC Formula One

Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone says both Marussia and Caterham will miss next weekend's US Grand Prix.

Stewart: Drivers are taking liberties

26 October - 07:39 - Planet-F1

Jackie Stewart feels it is not just F1's powers-that-be that need to learn from Jules Bianchi's crash but also the drivers who "are not bulletproof"...

The US GP timetable

26 October - 06:48 - Planet-F1

The US GP, which takes place at the Circuit of the Americas, marks the third last round of the 2014 F1 World Championship...

Teams preview the US GP

26 October - 06:09 - Planet-F1

The Formula 1 teams look ahead of the United States Grand Prix, which is held at the Circuit of the Americas in Texas...

News - 25 October 2014

British greats remember Brabham

25 October - 11:43 - Planet-F1

Some of British greats including Jackie Stewart and John Surtees gathered at Silverstone to pay tribute to Jack Brabham...

Marussia and Caterham out of US GP

25 October - 10:38 - Planet-F1

Following on from reports that Marussia are living "hand to mouth", Bernie Ecclestone has revealed the team will miss the United States GP...

Grosjean on 'pole' for Lotus seat

25 October - 10:20 - Planet-F1

Lotus believe it is only a matter of time before they announce that Romain Grosjean has committed his future to the team...

Marussia to also miss U.S. GP

25 October - 10:19 - Sky Sports F1

The struggling Caterham and Marussia F1 teams will both miss next week's U.S. Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, the sport's commercial supremo Bernie Ecclestone has announced.

Button 'not fearful' of Alonso

25 October - 08:50 - Planet-F1

Jenson Button says he would have no problem partnering Fernando Alonso as "nothing scares" him about going head-to-head with a Champ...

Drivers taking liberties - Stewart

25 October - 08:47 - BBC Formula One

Sir Jackie Stewart says the Jules Bianchi crash is a reminder to Formula 1 drivers that they are not 'bulletproof'.

Marussia living 'hand to mouth'

25 October - 07:28 - Planet-F1

Caterham is not the only F1 team in financial trouble with a report is Germany claiming that Marussia are living "hand to mouth"...

News - 24 October 2014

Bahrain F1 complaint 'merits probe'

24 October - 07:57 - BBC Formula One

A complaint that human rights regulations were breached when the Formula 1 Grand Prix was staged in Bahrain "merits further examination", a UK government panel says.

Caterham permitted to skip US, Brazil

24 October - 06:32 - Planet-F1

Caterham have been granted special dispensation by Bernie Ecclestone to skip both the United States and the Brazilian grands prix...

Caterham 'allowed' to miss two GPs

24 October - 06:11 - BBC Formula One

Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone will allow Caterham to miss the next two Formula 1 grands prix to focus on finding a buyer.

Caterham excused US, Brazilian GPs

24 October - 05:45 - Sky Sports F1

Caterham have been given permission to miss the upcoming two races in Austin and Brazil while a buyer is sought for the cash-strapped team.

Formula 1 gossip column

24 October - 01:55 - BBC Formula One

A selection of gossip and stories from around F1

Caterham hand over to administrators

24 October - 01:33 - BBC Formula One

Administators cast further doubt on Caterham's participation in the US Grand Prix after taking control of the team.

Sauber youngsters 'very happy'

24 October - 01:08 - Planet-F1

Adderly Fong and Roy Nissany had an "amazing" time as they made their F1 debuts with Sauber at Valencia this week...

Caterham enter administration

24 October - 12:46 - Sky Sports F1

Administrators have taken full management control of Caterham, it was announced on Friday, as they seek new owners for the beleaguered outfit.

Administrator takes control at Caterham

24 October - 12:19 - Planet-F1

In the latest chapter of the Caterham saga, the running of the F1 team has been handed over to administrators...

Kolles admits uncertain future

24 October - 10:03 - Planet-F1

Whether Caterham race in next weekend's United States GP is up to the administrators, that's according to Colin Kolles...

Caterham: Administrator 'reaching out'

24 October - 09:35 - Sky Sports F1

The administrator handed responsibility for the Caterham F1 team has said he is doing all he can to ensure their survival.

Ocon 'really enjoyed' F1 debut

24 October - 08:52 - Planet-F1

Esteban Ocon says driving an F1 car for the first time was "faster" than expected having put in the laps in a Lotus E20...

Ecclestone 'trying to help' Caterham

24 October - 07:21 - Planet-F1

Bernie Ecclestone is keen to find a solution to the Caterham crisis, saying he would "rather not lose" any of the teams...

Blame game rumbles on at Caterham

24 October - 05:08 - Planet-F1

Caterham's chances of making the grid in Austin are looking slim amid a legal dispute between the new owners and Tony Fernandes...